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Why dealers must prioritize compliance and cybersecurity to mitigate risks of identity theft – Scott Hudson & Jim Ganther

In our previous interview, as part of our 3-part series with Aura, an online safety solution helping to detect and mitigate emerging online threats, and Mosaic Compliance Services, a leading provider of compliance solutions for dealers, we discussed identity theft and fraud. In this second segment of Driving Solutions, we’re discussing legislation and compliance. We’re pleased to welcome back Scott Hudson, SVP of Partnerships for Aura, and Jim Ganther, Co-founder and CEO of Mosaic Compliance Services

Key Takeaways 

1. The discussion highlights the significance of adhering to critical regulations like the Red Flags Rule and the Safeguards Rule to prevent identity theft and fraud. Non-compliance can lead to negligence lawsuits and class action suits, posing severe financial risks for dealerships.

2. Additionally, data breaches can lead to substantial legal and financial consequences, including class action lawsuits. Scott and Hudson emphasize that hackers typically steal entire databases, making dealerships vulnerable to large-scale data theft and subsequent legal challenges.

3. The pending CARS rule introduces new challenges for dealerships, particularly the requirement to record F&I transactions. This creates a new category of sensitive data that must be protected, heightening the risk of identity theft and fraud if not appropriately managed.

4. The interview highlights Aura’s comprehensive digital cybersecurity solutions designed to protect consumers from digital crimes and fraud. These solutions integrate multiple protective measures, demonstrating the importance of advanced technology in safeguarding sensitive information.

5. Dealerships are encouraged to consult with compliance experts to navigate the complexities of regulations and protect against potential legal and financial repercussions. Proactive measures, such as adhering to compliance guidelines and employing cybersecurity solutions, are emphasized as crucial steps for safeguarding dealership operations and customer data.

"Dealers have a duty to protect your data. They have a duty to follow the safeguards rule and the red flags rule. And if they don't, they've breached that duty, you've been damaged, you sue them for negligence." – Jim Ganther.

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