What Kind of Salesperson Are You?


Although there will be some people who will tell you otherwise, the honest truth is that there is no magic way to make sales that is foolproof. There are many different ways to appeal to customers, and if you’re new to sales, are stuck in a rut or just want to improve your technique it’s a good idea to try different approaches. Here are five ways to connect with customers. While reading the descriptions, consider which one plays the most to your unique strengths, or compensates for weaknesses you might possess.

1. The Relentless Salesperson
This sales method is one that doesn’t accept “no” for an answer. There are many of these kinds of salespeople out their, and generally, they give the car business a bad name as their drive to convince prospective customers to buy, buy, buy no matter the cost often comes across as an obnoxious and overbearing. A way to improve this approach would be to pair it with the second option on this list, which makes incessant pushing appear to be based on concern or love for the other party.

2. The Friendly Salesperson
The second approach to sales is the ever-popular “friend persona.” This method requires you to be extra friendly to prospective buyers as people trust friendly people more than the alternative. Popular with many car salespeople, the pal/buddy system of sales is flawed in that many are on the lookout for insincere people in the automotive industry. It’s important, if you choose this approach, that your concern and friendship come across as genuine. Therefore, try to cultivate a personality that listens well to others.

3. The Informed Salesperson
Next up is an informer. These salespeople love cars and selling cars so much that they’ve taken it upon themselves to be fonts of knowledge for customers. They’re the kind of salespeople who can tell you practically all you need or want to know about cars in general and the one you’re looking to buy in particular. Easily put off track, when applied effectively, these salespeople can knock it out of the park. If you like learning and presenting facts, this could be the method for you.

4. The Guiding Salesperson
Sometimes, auto salespeople have been in the game so long, they’re ready to give and receive advice. They are very familiar cars and sales techniques, just like the informer, but they take their role to the next level by choosing to be guides to other salespeople, helping them navigate sales with helpful tips and advice.

5. The Connecting Salespersonsalesperson
The final sales approach aims at accomplishing what the other four have to offer. They are focused, friendly, driven and well connected. In this approach, salespeople use their know-how, charm, information and guidance to help complete sales. Most importantly, this person connects others. Usually they know someone who knows someone, and can help customers with anything they need by hooking them up with someone they know. With their strong, vast sea of connections, there are very few problems they can solve.

Looking at all five, which one are you? Do you see yourself in any one approach? Or do you find you combine a few to make one extremely convincing argument? Consider why you are drawn to one approach or the other.

Regardless, remember to shake things up a little in your sales methodology, because experimentation with sales approaches can lead to greater dividends in the future when it comes to dealerships!