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Today on – Monday, August 13th, 2018:

Fostering High-Level Engagement in Your Digital Retailing – HomeNet Automotive
John Hensman, VP, and GM of HomeNet Automotive, a company that provides inventory merchandising and vehicle distribution solutions to auto dealers, joins CBT News to talk to us about HomeNet’s rebranding. HomeNet’s new look focuses more on digital retailing and through this, helping their dealers turn shoppers into buyers. Watch Now

How To Personalize Your Direct Marketing And Get Results
Direct Marketing, a form of advertising that uses physical marketing materials to communicate to their consumers regarding about a product or service. This form basically just removes the ‘middle man’ and provides customers with a direct line to their consumers. Smaller companies (or dealerships), who tend to have a smaller advertising budget, tend to prefer this method due to the lower costs. Read More

Four Fundamentals To Help You Survive and Thrive Even With Constant Staff Turnover
The telephone is your most powerful asset, but it’s also a quiet area leaking with opportunities. I’m not telling you that your turnover curse is magically solved, but “owning the phone” with a focus on the fundamentals will create a culture of accountability — amplifying both new and existing employee performance. Read More



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