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What is the region-beta paradox and how can it impact your dealership?

Imagine taking a small trip to a friend a few blocks away compared to a friend who lives five miles away. Where you could walk to one, you still choose to drive despite the distance. This phenomenon is called the region-beta paradox, which impacts how the brain deciphers between decisions. On today’s episode of Mind Your Own Business, host Jonathan Dawson, veteran automotive trainer and founder of Sellchology, elaborates on this phenomenon and how it may affect your dealership. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Decision-making is the root of the region-beta beta paradox phenomenon. The paradox explains, in other words, that if something doesn’t seem “THAT painful,” it will take longer to do. 

2. In the previous example, driving five miles would be quicker than walking because driving eliminates the discomfort of walking, indicating that you could travel further more quickly. However, since your friend lives down the street, walking wouldn’t seem all that bad; it would just take longer.

3. Dawson notices many “cancerous staff members within the dealership.” He elaborates that if something is tolerable, our brains are programmed to delay seeking an instant remedy. The region-beta paradox reduces the tendency to put off making changes only because we can cope with the current outcomes. 

4. Managers, grab a sheet of paper and write down the areas you are ignoring in your life or at work that might be painful if neglected for a long time.

5. Once you pinpoint two to three issues, identify the person you must include immediately to make the change. 

6. What will you do now that you’re aware of the region-beta paradox phenomenon, and what modifications will your dealership implement?

"Don't get stuck in just tolerating the region-beta paradox when you can fix it now." – Jonathan Dawson

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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