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Visual video impact is poppin’ – Harness the power of video in follow-up strategies that engage your clients

In today’s fast-paced automotive market, dealerships constantly seek innovative ways to engage customers and streamline their operations. On today’s edition of Loyalty-Based Sales Strategies, Jen Suzuki shares invaluable insights on how incorporating video can revolutionize both the sales and service departments. From enhancing customer understanding to personalizing the buying experience, learn how video can be a game-changer for your dealership in 2024.

Key Takeaways 

1. Suzuki emphasizes the critical role of video in engaging customers in both sales and service departments. She explains that videos help bridge the communication gap by providing clear, visual explanations of services and personalizing interactions. This approach increases customer understanding and trust, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

2. Video usage in the service department can significantly improve business outcomes. Additionally, videos allow technicians to show and explain needed repairs directly to customers, reducing misunderstandings and increasing approval rates for suggested services. This method also helps new advisors and technicians communicate more effectively with customers.

3. Personalized video messages from sales teams can enhance customer relationships and loyalty. Suzuki advocates for using short, customized videos instead of generic templates. These videos should introduce the team, provide reassurance, and set clear, friendly expectations, making customers feel valued and connected.

4. Addressing the reluctance and fears associated with video usage is essential for its successful implementation. Suzuki highlights the need to encourage team members to embrace video despite initial discomfort. By challenging themselves, team members can develop new skills and improve their performance. She also shares examples of how even veteran staff have successfully adopted video, becoming more effective in their roles.

5. Videos can streamline operations and enhance the overall customer experience. Videos can be used for various purposes, such as appointment confirmations, follow-ups, and showcasing the dealership’s commitment to customer convenience. This approach differentiates the dealership from competitors and ensures a smoother and more efficient sales process.

"Video can often tell the story about the value that we're bringing to the table, and they can see that there's a risk of not doing the work, or there are benefits to doing the work, all wrapped up in a bow tie in the video that you're gonna send them." - Jen Suzuki.

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