Questions to Ask a New Agency Partner


Dealers receive dozens of calls a week from companies attempting to sell marketing services or technology to power their online strategy. Dealership managers should never stop taking calls, but they can save time by requesting the new company to answer a series of questions, in writing, before the first call.

I invite all my colleagues to add to my list below, so that I can compile a master list of questions to share with dealers.

Here are some questions that you can request by answered by email before a phone call is scheduled:

  1. How long has your company been serving auto dealers with this specific product?
  2. How many dealership rooftops are currently using the product? Please provide five references for dealers of the same OEM brand.
  3. What product or service would this replace or is this something that would be added to my expense ledger?
  4. What are the terms on your contract? Month to Month? Please be specific.dealers
  5. Will you also be working with my local competitors?
  6. How will success be measured? Specify if you provide independent validation of performance claims, for example, data and conversion transparency in Google Analytics.
  7. Will you need access to my DMS or CRM data? Please be specific on what data you will be pulling.
  8. If yes, which DMS platforms has your company been certified? Please send documentation that proves certification
  9. Is your product/service eligible for co-op? Please detail how co-op covers the services you are proposing and what is not covered.
  10. Will my data be shared with companies outside of your direct supervision? Please send a copy of your data privacy policy.
  11. In the case of Google AdWords or Bing Advertising, who owns the account associated with my dealership? If I cancel your services, will you transfer the account ownership without delay?
  12. What are three common reasons why dealers would cancel your product? Which competitor(s) would likely get the clients who leave you?

If you have suggestions on what questions to add to my list, please send me an email to:  I will publish the final list for dealers to utilize in the year ahead.