Using Facebook as a Branding Tool


TV and radio bring a lot of awareness to dealerships locally. However, it can be really expensive. Brian suggests using Facebook to promote local awareness ads to potential car buyers who are in proximity to your dealership.


Dealers are very similar with the branding and awareness that television and radio have in their local community. But in some markets, those mediums are extremely expensive, so what can dealers do? I want you to consider Facebook as your new branding tool. Facebook has local awareness ads that will show to consumers who are in the proximity of your dealership. You should be using video messages consistently, running every day in your local market to let consumers know about your brand promise, your, “Why buy from you,” message.

When you enhance that strategy with social media sales funnels, you could show a high-level video to a group of consumers. Those who watched it can watch a second video, those who watch the second video you could show a third video, so that you can bring them down the social media sales funnel to generate a call or a visit to your dealership. If you don’t have a local branding strategy on Facebook, you’re missing a great opportunity to sell more cars in a digital age.

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