CBT Automotive Newscast for January 13, 2020


Today on CBTNews.com – Monday, January 13, 2020:

Randy KobatMove Inventory Faster and Add Selling Time by Changing this Process at Your Dealership
To capitalize on a strong used vehicle market, dealers need to explore every avenue they can to increase efficiency and implement a better reconditioning process. According to recent vAuto client results, saving just two days in the reconditioning process per vehicle can increase inventory turns per year, effectively adding an extra month of selling for dealers. Here to tell us more about what it takes to get a vehicle front-line ready faster is Randy Kobat, Senior Vice President, vAuto, HomeNet, Rebates & Incentives, and Dealertrack DMS. Watch Now

Randy KobatA Look at Changes Coming to F&I in 2020
A new decade is here and with it, a lot of speculation on what the state of the auto industry will look like in 2020 and beyond.  Most of the experts focus on the dealership and car buying changes but it’s worth taking a look at how those shifts could affect the F&I department in the coming year. Maybe F&I doesn’t get all the love that the sales side gets but here we will give it the attention it deserves reviewing the last ten years and peeking into the crystal ball a little to see what the future holds. Read More

Randy KobatThe Power of Feedback
You head to the doctor and complain you are not feeling well. The doctor sends you for a battery of tests. You return the following week and you sit back with the doctor to review results. Then you notice a few things circled in red on the report. Now their feedback becomes more targeted. The discussion becomes more focused regarding your cholesterol being high. The questions begin to dive into what you eat, how you exercise (or not) and the doctor begins to map out what actions are causing these results. The next part of the discussion moves to specific strategies to create different outcomes. Read More


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