There are many things in the retail automotive business that have become central to the car buying experience. Probably nothing has stood the test of time more than the demonstration drive. It is one reason why over and over again…

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  1. I would love to see salespeople’s comments on this.
    To me, as a website photographer, it aligns with my #1 goal – to effectively put the customer IN the vehicle, with my assumption that, if they can imagine themselves IN the vehicle, they are more likely to buy it. If they should hold off and be undecided when they see the vehicle in person, and they visit or revisit the dealer’s website, I expect my photos to accurately and realistically reproduce their “in person” visit.
    I usually enhance the skies, so the overall photo is appealing but, I don’t manipulate the vehicle aside from lightening dark areas, toning down bright areas, straightening vertical and horizontal lines and subtle color corrections. My competitor spends a measly 50 seconds to edit 20-24 photos…I spend 600 seconds to edit 26-30 photos – the difference is striking.
    (FWIW, aside from a Facebook page for my business, I don’t believe in a personal website because of the temptation to cherry pick the best of the best photos. If what I do, day after day, for my customer’s isn’t testimony to my dedication to being the best, then nothing is. They deserve my very best, every day.)


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