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The secret to persuasion: making it personal – Jay Baer

Personal connections are incredibly powerful, whether you’re making a sales pitch or engaging in casual conversation. In the latest episode of CBT Now, we’re excited to explore this topic with Jay Baer. Baer is a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Business Growth and Customer Experience Advisor, and Author, bringing a wealth of knowledge to the discussion.

Key Takeaways 

1. Jay Baer begins by discussing his political career as a direct mail specialist for Senator John McCain. In this role, he learned how to make statements that resonate personally with the recipient. He notes that personal connections are vital in persuasion because they directly link the message and the recipient’s interests or experiences. When people feel that the message is tailored to them, they are more likely to be influenced.

2. Additionally, Baer explains that in both business and personal communication, people often present information without explaining why it matters to the listener. He highlights that most individuals are motivated by self-interest rather than the greater good. He asserts that by answering the “What’s in it for me?” question, communicators can make their messages more compelling and relevant, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

3. Providing an apparent reason why the recipient should care about the message enhances its effectiveness. This technique ensures that the recipient understands the personal impact of their actions, which makes the message more persuasive. For instance, Baer shares an anecdote about a sign in an airplane restroom that instructed passengers not to flush paper, with the added reason that clogged toilets delay flights. This addition made the instruction personally relevant to passengers who did not want their flights delayed.

4. One significant barrier Baer identifies is the need for a thoroughly thought-out message. Many communicators fail to include the crucial “why it matters” component, which weakens the overall persuasiveness of their message. Furthermore, to overcome this barrier, communicators must ensure they articulate the personal relevance of their message. By thinking through and clearly stating the benefits for the recipient, they can create more persuasive and impactful communications.

5. Nevertheless, Baer introduces a practical method for crafting persuasive statements, which involves adding an “and therefore” clause. This method ensures the message includes both the action and its benefit. He suggests testing the message by flipping it; it is likely effective if it still makes sense. Moreover, effective persuasive communication requires a complete and well-structured message. By ensuring that every statement includes a clear personal benefit and can be understood when reversed, communicators can create emotionally and logically compelling messages.

"When you're trying to persuade, you've got to make it personal. You've got to tie it back to what's in it for the recipient, what's in it for the listener, what's in it for the reader." — Jay Baer

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