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The Niello Company’s winning retention strategy for the service departments – Tully Williams

Summer is right around the corner, meaning more people are hitting the roads. Therefore, now is a huge opportunity to fine-tune your retention strategies and keep customers returning for more. In today’s episode of Inside Automotive, we’re discussing retention with Tully Williams, the fixed operations director at The Niello Company.

Key Takeaways 

1. Tully Williams emphasizes the critical role of retention strategies in the service department for the dealership’s overall success. Retention is vital for maintaining repeat and referral business and supporting the service and sales departments. Effective retention strategies involve consistent processes and a customer-focused approach.

2. Williams also highlights specific processes that contribute to high retention rates. He outlines a systematic approach where every vehicle is thoroughly inspected, and customers are provided with transparent, detailed information, including photos and videos. This consistency and transparency help build trust and encourage customers to return for future services.

3. Additionally, Williams discusses the importance of growing technicians within the organization to avoid shortages and maintain high-quality service. The Niello Company invests in training programs and clear career paths for technicians, ensuring they are well-prepared and motivated. Happy employees lead to happy customers, reinforcing the importance of employee satisfaction (ESI) over customer satisfaction (CSI).

4. The interview discusses how the fixed operations department remained resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. While variable operations struggled, fixed operations continued to perform strongly, highlighting the importance of robust practices. This resilience has helped the company not only survive but thrive post-pandemic.

5. Overall, Williams shares the success story of the  Niello Company, which is about to open its 10th dealership. The company’s effective retention strategies, customer-focused processes, and investment in employee development have contributed to its expansion and strong performance. The upcoming opening of a new Porsche dealership reflects the company’s growth and positive trajectory in the automotive industry.

"Service can't survive without sales, and sales certainly can't survive without the fixed ops department. It's all about the processes that you want and making your employees believe those processes are great that drives retention." – Tully Williams.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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