The keys to recruiting and retaining a strong team

Salespeople are earning fortunes that change their lives, which is unusual given that the top ten percent of dealership salespeople often earn $250,000 or more annually. Adam Robinson, the CEO, and co-founder of Hireology discusses his fundamental principles for assembling a winning auto sales-floor team on today’s edition of Inside Automotive.

The ideal candidate has a hunger, an excellent work ethic, and a why when applying for any sales position. However, sifting through 6,000 applicants on the management side of things might be challenging. Particularly with posing the question: What factors are most crucial to consider while searching for a new position inside a company?

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Recent auto trends discovered the three most popular responses five years ago was paid stability. It now focuses on career advancement, flexibility, and job satisfaction. Your dealership has a 30–40% lower turnover than those that don’t if you are successful in obtaining these three essential components. Dealers ought to consider creating flexible career paths and a sense of purpose in the atmosphere of the sales floor.

Future General Motors will be today’s salespeople, and prior projections indicate that the car industry will return to normal in terms of basic marketing. This direct margin expansion has a cap on remuneration, implying that salespeople’s pay scales will change. To support their employees’ desired lifestyles, businesses need to be aware of their forward-thinking flexibility.

One of the top two dangers that dealerships should be aware of is flawed compensation structures. Robinson’s concerns are that car dealerships should not be paying employees so much just to receive orders. He also notes that the second greatest risk is, what occurs after the inventory levels in your business are back to normal? Will individuals depart because it becomes more difficult when the pricing returns to normal?

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