The CAPI Strategy: Built to Help You Win


Are you wondering what to do next? What can you do this month that you didn’t do last? Cory Mosley has a strategy built to help you win in today’s Tip of the Day.


So the car business is basically one big Janet Jackson song and by that I mean the 80s hit, “What have you done for me lately?” See chances are if you’re watching this video, that means it’s time for a new month to start. And everything you did last month kinda doesn’t count anymore. So I wanted to share with you a simple strategy that will help you have wins and successes for months to come. I call it the “CAPI Strategy”. CAPI simply stands for this, “C”, celebrate your wins. All too often we don’t take time to have some appreciation for the work that we did get done. For many of you, you might have been coming off a record month. You might have hit your sales numbers, your gross numbers, or maybe you didn’t.

However, there’s always an opportunity to celebrate, a new opportunity to do it and the hard work and effort that you put forth before. “A” is for assess. One of the things we just don’t do in our business is look at deals we didn’t make. Then you might have a save a deal meeting or maybe you might look at this at the management level but most salespeople don’t go, “Hey, here’s 15 deals I didn’t make last month.” What’s the why? What happened? What could I have done differently? “P.” “P” is for plan. I want you to plan what your next goals are gonna be. What are your next steps? What are the successes and wins you’re trying to have in this month?

And the last one is the big one, it’s the “I”. It’s implement. A plan without action of course is just a dream. So I challenge you to implement the CAPI method moving forward to ensure your success and your future.

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