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multicultural marketing

Six tips for mastering multicultural marketing at your dealership

Today's consumer looks much different than they did two decades or even ten years ago. According to Deloitte, millennials are the most diverse generational...

Sales funnel strategies for today’s auto buyer

Funnel strategies have drastically changed over the last decade. Gone are the days when they were based on the demographics of an individual or...

Auto industry leaders ruffle feathers with recent tweets

Elon Musk hasn’t particularly cared about tradition and has often upset those who have enjoyed the control they had on their business environment. Recently,...

How to streamline the reconditioning process in a banner sales market

Vehicles that look better sell better. But, as in most things, you may find yourself facing decisions on whether to focus on time, quality,...

Automotive marketing study reveals two marketing techniques that boost sales by...

There seems to be a winning combination of marketing techniques that can propel dealers to a significant sales bump. Outsell, a virtual engagement sales company,...

How dealers can drive leads when inventory slows down

Dealerships across the nation have run low on cars to sell amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Motor vehicle and parts dealers’ sales dropped to a...

Sonic Is Adding EchoPark Used Car Stores – Is This a...

The fifth-largest American auto dealer group has announced plans to expand on their standalone used car dealership model known as EchoPark. As the pre-owned...

The CAPI Strategy: Built to Help You Win

 Are you wondering what to do next? What can you do this month that you didn't do last? Cory Mosley has a strategy built...

Vanity Metrics: The Snake Oil of Marketing

Some time ago we partnered with a production company to start a new show on TV which promised to boom the business.  We hired...

Five Ways YouTube Can Fit into Your Dealership’s Marketing Strategy

You may think YouTube is only for cat videos, video game walkthroughs, and beauty tutorials, but car buyers have turned the platform into a...