The 7 most effective words to use when closing a deal

Ask the right questions first and get the customers to like you.

On the latest episode of Straight Talk, host David Lewis, President of David Lewis & Associates, talks about the seven most effective words, when closing a car deal.

Lewis says he’s probably heard and seen every method out there, to get a customer to say ‘yes’ to you and buy a new vehicle. Selling a car can be a demanding process. With some customers, you might have to work through a wall of defensiveness just to get them to open up so you can do your sales presentation and try to get them to like you enough to deal with you as their salesperson.

As for what sales process to use, the more time and effort you find out what works for you, the better off you’ll be. Avoid using pressure tactics. Ask the right questions and get your customers to like you. When it comes to closing a deal Lewis says, to make it simple for you and your customer. He says if you made a good presentation, and you’ve done a great job and getting a customer to like you, the close should be easy.

The best way to do that is to use the seven most effective words to close the sale. Those seven words are, “would you like to buy the car”?

It’s that simple. There are no gimmicks, just ask for the sale.

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