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How Can LinkedIn Referrals Benefit You?

 On today's Tip of the Day, Cory Mosley explains just how important it is to access and engage your LinkedIn referrals and how you...
email communications

Improving Email Communications to Increase 2-Way Engagement

On today's Tip of the Day, Brian Pasch discusses improving email communications to increase two-way engagement and help you sell more cars in the...

A Principle of Effective Negotiation

 Jonathan Dawson shares an important principle of effective negotiation with your customers in today's Tip of the Day on CBT News. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT:  One of the...
sales process

Is your sales process for you or the customer?

Do you even know where your sales process is right now? Grant says if you’re jumping around, then do this. Remember, your sales process...

Taking advantage of what’s relevant to your customers

We communicate with our customers via email, texts, phones, but is what we’re saying to them relevant to their needs?  Cory explains why it’s...
Google Reviews

Google Reviews in Your Showroom

Does your dealership take advantage of Google reviews?  Brian explains how everyone can now leave reviews, not just Google users.
social media

How to Sell Cars Using Social Media

You’re on social media, but are you using social media to help impact your sales?  Grant has a few ideas on how to improve...

Routines for Your Team

The most successful people have routines they perform on a daily basis.  Glenn explains why this same mindset will work for your dealership team.
cocky customers

Dealing with Cocky Customers

David gives you permission to say something sarcastic to those arrogant and cocky customers, especially when the customer throws out an unrealistic offer.  
hours directions

How’s Your Hours and Directions Page?

Is your hours and directions page putting people to sleep? Hear why Brian says that adding a 1-2 minute video may add that much needed...