A Principle of Effective Negotiation

Jonathan Dawson shares an important principle of effective negotiation with your customers in today’s Tip of the Day on CBT News.


One of the principles of effective negotiating is a principle called, Give Get. The premise is simple. If you want me to give you something, now I got to get something in return.

This is something you should be using whenever a customer makes any request from you. If they want a lower payment, they want more for the trade, they want you to look into the price production, whatever the request is you can practice a simple principle called, Give Get.

It might sound something like this. “Folks, I’m happy to look into getting you a lower payment, but under one condition. I need to know if you can get me a co-signer,” or you might say, “folks, I’m happy to look at the management reevaluating your trade-in value under one condition. If we’re able to come to terms today I need a great video testimonial from you.”

The idea is simple. Whenever a customer asks you to give them something, you’ve got to get some things back. It could be referrals. Heck, it could be a case of Monster energy drinks. It doesn’t really matter. The point is never give without getting something in return. I’m Jonathan Dawson. Thanks for joining me for today’s Sales Tips Of The Day.