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While always maintaining humility and charisma, Lee Iacocca transformed the auto industry and encouraged dealers to cultivate innovation.

5 lessons learned from Lee Iacocca’s insights on leadership and innovation

While most people have heard of innovation gurus of today such as Tesla’s Elon Musk, some may not know about one of the most...
E­mployee motivation is crucial when steering your team toward the­ir goals in the bustling e­nvironment of a car dealership.

Ignite and sustain employee motivation to gain a competitive edge

In the dynamic and compe­titive world of car dealerships, e­mployee motivation serve­s as the driving force behind achie­ving success. For managers, your pivotal role...
Meridith Elliot Powell joins CBT Now to discuss how managers can lead their dealership teams through times of uncertainty.

Leading dealership teams through uncertainty — Meridith Elliott Powell

In recent years, dealership teams have undergone significant changes and uncertainty from inventory, inflation costs, and even new automotive regulations. While it has become...
If you don't innovate, you’ll almost certainly be left behind. Many of the mighty have fallen and not lived to tell the tale.

To innovate or procrastinate — That is the question

It may sound like heresy, but Henry Ford was a procrastinator. “I need a faster horse.” That was the consumer mantra when the early automobile...

7 Key ingredients for dealership-wide accountability

One of the most difficult yet important tasks for business leaders is finding ways to hold their staff accountable. From employees who have worked...
The best collaborative leadership style for a business will depend on its specific objectives and the needs of its employees.

Stop commanding and start communicating: 6 benefits of collaborative leadership

The success of a business depends heavily on its people, including everyone from entry-level employees to those that are the top executives. Everyone plays...

Unlock your leadership potential with these 7 traits

Leadership is an essential element of success, particularly in the business world. Great leaders are, in many ways, the face of their organization. Whether...

6 basic needs that motivate your dealership staff and how to...

Over the past months, automotive retailing experts have talked at length about complacency. Many dealers and managers are now asking themselves—How do I coach...

Life’s not fair—here’s how to find success anyway

The phrase “life’s not fair” might not seem to be an earth-shattering idea — of course, it’s not fair. It’s one of the first...
Car Guy Coffee

Car Guy Coffee Podcast’s Lou Ramirez & Fred Lennartz on their...

If you are in the retail automotive industry and haven't tuned into the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, you're missing out! Lou Ramirez and Fred...