Car Guy Coffee Podcast’s Lou Ramirez & Fred Lennartz on their mission to uplift the auto industry

If you are in the retail automotive industry and haven’t tuned into the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, you’re missing out! Lou Ramirez and Fred Lennartz, who happen to be best friends, are the sales and finance strategists behind the podcast. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re pleased to welcome them both to the show to discuss how they got started and their takes on hot button industry issues.

Prior to launching the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, both Lennartz and Ramirez were inside two of the most rapidly growing and high volume independent dealerships in the state of Kentucky. Their careers were growing rapidly as well and the podcast became an outlet for their enthusiasm for the industry and motivation to uplift auto retail professionals. Today, the pair are brewin’ solutions instead of percolating problems, says Ramirez.

The podcast can be described in three words, adds Lennartz. Number one is uplifting. Two is educational, and three would be encouraging. Over the past two years, Ramirez and Lennartz have interviewed countless industry change-makers and they are excited by how the industry is transforming.

The Car Guy Coffee Podcast aims to celebrate the industry. Although, sometimes it doesn’t feel like a celebration. Inventory shortages, inflation, and the War In Ukraine have left many people feeling uncertain about the future. Both Ramirez and Lennartz say that the industry will always face new sets of challenges.

“Would this industry be as great if there wasn’t challenges every day?” asks Lennartz. “It would be boring…As we get these challenges, we grow. As we get these challenges, we learn something, and we get better.”

Lennartz and Ramirez want to encourage fellow members of the auto industry to adopt solution-driven mindsets.

“We are trying to help shift the way we think, not what to think,” says Ramirez. “The way we approach challenges, the way we speak to each other, the way we think of an industry so that it can be more appealing for those who already have an opinion about it.”

In addition to hosting and producing the Car Guy Coffee Podcast, Lennartz is the President of Consistency at Certified Solutionaries and Ramirez is the Solutions CEO, also at Certified Solutionaries. Their company is designed to help car dealers optimize their operations, and provide the support necessary for maximum growth. 

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