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ituational leade­rship represents a style­ that emphasizes adapting one's approach to match the nee­ds and readiness of staff members.

How situational leade­rship can elevate your entire team

In the e­ver-changing world of leade­rship, it is evident that one approach cannot e­ffectively suit all situations. The ability to adapt and customize­ leadership...
While always maintaining humility and charisma, Lee Iacocca transformed the auto industry and encouraged dealers to cultivate innovation.

5 lessons learned from Lee Iacocca’s insights on leadership and innovation

While most people have heard of innovation gurus of today such as Tesla’s Elon Musk, some may not know about one of the most...
It is important for leaders to promote a culture of accountability, meaning they must be an example and hold themselves accountable, too.

7 key ingredients for dealership-wide accountability

One of the most difficult yet important tasks for business leaders is finding ways to hold their staff accountable. From employees who have worked...
E­mployee motivation is crucial when steering your team toward the­ir goals in the bustling e­nvironment of a car dealership.

Ignite and sustain employee motivation to gain a competitive edge

In the dynamic and compe­titive world of car dealerships, e­mployee motivation serve­s as the driving force behind achie­ving success. For managers, your pivotal role...
Purpose is the dealership's foundational framework on which it builds long-term company culture, goals, missions, and values.

How to unlock the power of purpose and drive your dealership...

The bar to becoming a successful automotive group is extremely high. Worth $2.86 trillion in 2021, the automotive industry is indubitably one of the most...
One of the more important actions to take while being agile is the ability to make quick decisions under pressure

Agile mindset: automotive leadership during disruptive times

The car dealership business demands flexibility of thought and action. We’ll use agility to describe the ability to see a potential problem as an...
Addressing decision paralysis begins with developing a decision-making framework. This could be as simple as a pros and cons list.

Perfect the art of decision-making for dealership management success

Imagine it’s Monday morning. You walk into your dealership, the third cup of coffee in hand, mentally preparing for the week. Suddenly, you’re inundated...
Encouraging a culture of creativity and innovation within your organization makes employees feel much more comfortable sharing new ideas.

Fostering a culture of creativity to drive innovation in your dealership

As with most sectors, the automotive industry must continue to come up with creative solutions and groundbreaking innovations to keep consumers happy. Professionals in...

How to build a culture of accountability in your dealership

Building a culture of accountability in any business is not easy, but it is critical for the success of teams, including those within dealerships....
Agility and attention to innovation are the keys to encouraging your dealership teams to improve employee engagement.

Unleashing the power within: innovative strategies for creating an engaged workforce

There’s good and bad news when it comes to dealership employee engagement. According to Cox Automotive’s The State of Dealership Staffing report, released in...