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AutoNation to expand after-sale products with RepairSmith purchase

On Monday, one of the country’s largest automotive retailers, AutoNation, announced the acquisition of maintenance company RepairSmith to boost its after-sale options. The purchase is...

AI in auto retail: How advanced tech benefits business

Older millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers probably first think about The Jetsons and The Matrix when (AI) Artificial Intelligence is mentioned. It’s much...

Tips to increase consumer enthusiasm in the service department

The stark reality for dealerships remains that keeping customers loyal is difficult. After five years of ownership less than one in three-vehicle owners continues...
title brands

The most common types of title brands and how to address...

A vehicle's title brand is a designated record, usually tied to the vehicle registration, VIN number, or permit documents, that indicates whether or not...
electric vehicles

How car dealers should be discussing the costs of electric vehicles

People have a variety of reasons as to why they want to switch from a gas vehicle to an electric vehicle. Top reasons include...

2021 Vehicle Health Index unveils opportunities for fixed ops

Drivers who experience a Check Engine light lose trust in their vehicle. But due to the pandemic, many vehicle owners have held onto their...
car care

National Car Care Month brings focus back around to safe driving

April is National Car Care Month, an initiative organized and funded by the Auto Care Association. The campaign is very timely this year, coinciding...

Survey finds car owners significantly behind on maintenance due to pandemic

One in four car owners has not had their vehicles into the shop for servicing in the past 12 months, according to a survey...

Connected cars and OTAs: What are the pros and cons for...

Who knew we would be living in a time when cars began to act like computers? Today's cars are connected in ways that we...

How to leverage seasonal service appointments to drive better business

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many Americans’ schedules and habits, and for vehicle owners, one of the main impacts has been a significant change...