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Conflicting views on US auto recovery as unemployment up, sales up

The Associated Press posted Thursday that the number of unemployment benefit applicants rose by 898,000 last week. That’s the highest number reported in the...

The challenge is on for franchised dealers as Vroom, Carvana stock...

On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs upgraded online auto retailers Vroom Inc and Carvana Co from ‘Hold’ to ‘Buy’ status and raised the price targets for both companies....

Low-budget marketing tips for your service department

It’s widely accepted knowledge that only 45 percent of customers remain loyal to their dealership’s service department within the first two years of vehicle...

6 Ways to Help Employees Learn from Mistakes

You've invested in your employees. Advertising a post, shortlisting, interviewing and training people costs time and resources, on top of the wage that you're...

How Can You Bring Accountability Into Your Dealership with Optimal Results

Service Managers, Service Directors and Fixed Operations supervisors everywhere look for the best practices to employ in running a smooth and profitable business. Obtaining...
customer expectations

Michael Anderson: Making Changes and Meeting Customer Expectations

  Consumers have changed and it’s impacting Car Dealerships. Michael Anderson, CEO of The Rikess Group, has some suggestions on how you can you can...

Bob George, How to Use Your Data to Convert In-Market...

Joe Gumm of CBT News speaks with Bob George, Senior Director-Products, Websites and discusses how the platform at is meeting the expectations of...
virtual reality

Virtual Reality Along the Sales Path – Good or Bad?

Audi now offers shoppers a virtual reality ‘test drive’ at some of their dealerships. In the works for several years, the new technology lets...

Saturday Morning Sales Meeting | Shatter Expectations

Don't be the King of "Too's," be who you want to be! Shatter expectations with Mark Tewart on today's Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.
Mark Rikess

Tailoring experience to your buyers’ expectations

In this interview, Joe gets one-on-one with Mark Rikess, President and Founder of The Rikess Group to get the details on his recent article...