Michael Anderson: Making Changes and Meeting Customer Expectations

customer expectations


Consumers have changed and it’s impacting Car Dealerships. Michael Anderson, CEO of The Rikess Group, has some suggestions on how you can you can make changes and continue meeting customer expectations.

Not too long ago dealerships started using separate telemarketing departments. The Department’s responsibility is to create and make outward calls to contact potential customers and intake any calls made to the dealership for sales and appointments. The thought behind this build out was to make sure that the person on the phone engaging with the consumers has the ability, skill, and knowledge that would attract more traffic and boost sales. Michael now says that there is a new trend in town that is a better practice for how the market has changed base off of the customer buying process and you can build it with your current employees.

The industry is now implanting Digital Direct Sales Teams. The idea is to streamline showrooms with phone and internet models so that they are reflective of each other. It is very important that the same information that is displayed online is the same information that someone will see, read or be told if they were in the store. If a potential buyer calls and wants to know that you have the same red car they see online in the store your digital sales team needs to know if that is still available and be able to confirm any specs that could be asked regarding a vehicle. Remember that the majority of traffic starts digitally. Essentially, you a designating sales employees to one of two tactics- Digital or Showroom. The best way to manage this breakout is to make sure they are viewed as different departments and managed separately. There needs to be a digital sales leader in that depart that can understand it’s key performance indicators and likewise for the Showroom. The best way to ensure your dealership is producing the best sales and service starts with making sure you are catering to your consumers by creatively structuring your teams and how they function.