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7 essential video lead response tips for car dealerships

Video lead responses can lead to more engagement, more sales, and overall better interaction with your customers.

Video has become part of everyday life, ranging from entertaining people to providing a quick education on just about any subject you could imagine. Short and long-form videos are also a great tool for a car dealership to leverage in gaining the trust of their customers – especially those they haven’t met yet. This article describes a few things to know about making video work as a lead response at your dealership.

What is a video lead response?

Let’s step back a few years: At least a decade ago, most responses to Internet inquiries were phone calls, texts, and emails. A smartphone could handle some rich content like a video, but not everyone had a data plan or WiFi everywhere to readily access video in an email.

A video response to an Internet lead often involves making a short video of the salesperson, car, or both and sending it to a customer. The videos are often uploaded through software paired to a CRM or with an embedding YouTube link so that the user doesn’t have to download a video and wait for it to play- and there are no attachments.

Getting to the point: Why a video lead response?

People watch videos quite a bit. Offering the information they want in a video format gives you the opportunity to answer a question in a potentially visual and auditory way, and it comes in the form of a video, which your customers tend to watch at some point nearly every day.

We can’t say that a video is “more” personal than a well-thought-out email response, but the customer might remember that you greeted and acknowledged them by name in their video, and answered their question.

A video is meant to make you stand out to a customer who might be shopping other dealers and wants to know who will give them the time and attention needed for a great sales process.

A few tips on making a decent video

1. Keep it short

While the length of the video depends a lot on what the customer is seeking, we wouldn’t suggest going any longer than you need to introduce yourself, give a greeting to your customer, introduce the vehicle, and offer a call to action about how to get a hold of you.

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2. Include the vehicle if possible

If the customer asks questions about the vehicle, give them a visual and record the video on your lot or in a quiet place inside where you can be heard. Actually seeing a vehicle – even after viewing a gallery of images, will probably raise the standard and make you stand out.

3. Be heard

Whether you are recording videos at your desk on the showroom floor or outside, do your best to ensure your customer can actually hear you. We don’t suggest recording on an open lot during a windy day.

A video recorded at your desk with a webcam or your phone camera is fine. If the customer isn’t on a specific vehicle yet, this might be your best start.

4. Practice a little bit

Making a good video of just you talking about a vehicle is a similar art form to leaving a voicemail. Thankfully the video allows you to try numerous times – though you don’t have to be perfect. Try not to talk too fast and make it personable – but avoid reading off a script.

5. Find a place to upload

Using Youtube or another social video site is fine. Some dealerships subscribe to apps that make the video right off their phone and send it to a website where you can import the video into your email or CRM. Either way, don’t just attach a video to an email.

6. Vehicle Walkaround Videos

These are a part of the initial lead response, though at most dealerships you are going to have to dig a little more into what the customer wants in order to even choose the right vehicle to present.

7. Speed is a factor

Try to create your video quickly because speed is a factor in visiting a dealership. Very simple: Try to respond as soon as possible, preferably in less than 10 minutes. This timetable will put you well above the rest of the pack when it comes to dealers – and a video will stand out over a phone call.


Video lead responses can lead to more engagement, more sales, and overall better interaction with your customers. Making good video responses just requires some trial and error – and a little equipment and software training for your salespeople.

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Ben Stewart
Ben Stewart
Ben is a contributing writer and reporter for CBT News with 10 years of dealership experience in automotive marketing. Ben loves all things cars and putting together strategies that help dealerships succeed.

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