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How to Maintain Relevancy with Your Customers

 How are you communicating with your customers? Are they confused because you’re addressing things they’re not interested in hearing about? Cory Mosley tells you...

How Your Dealership Staff Can Improve Their Communication with Customers

Successful customer interactions are just as important today as they were when the first cars left factories at the turn of the century. That...

Turning a Phone Call Into an Appointment

It’s no secret that your dealership’s location can pose challenges to running an effective sales process. Situated in congested Chicago, the Berman Infiniti of...

How This Feature is Changing The Automotive Experience

Just when you got used to social media, things are changing up again. While it’s not time to close out your Facebook account or...
digital success

The Digital Success Guide

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain talks about one of the tools that he's been iterating at his clients' dealerships...

5 Resources That Can Help You Improve Your Management Skills

Has anyone ever told you that you have a knack for something? How about the phrase “your talent is natural”. Some people are just...
communicate effectively

How to Communicate Effectively with your Customers

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom discusses how to effectively communicate with customers and the best methods to do so.

The Phone is Ringing: Yesterday, it was an Inquiry; Today, it’s...

The phone is ringing. It’s a sales prospect. They’re not calling to chat. They found your vehicle on the Internet and (by calling you)...
team building

Five Ways to Incorporate Team Building at Your Dealership

When was the last time you were a part of a great team? What were some of the qualities that made it a team...

Effective Communication with Your Customers

  On this week's episode of The Tom Stuker Show, Tom Stuker discusses how to effectively communicate with customers and the best methods to do so.