How to Maintain Relevancy with Your Customers


How are you communicating with your customers? Are they confused because you’re addressing things they’re not interested in hearing about? Cory Mosley tells you how to maintain relevancy with your customers by tailoring your experience to their interests in today’s Tip of the Day.


Cory Mosley: Today I’d like everybody to be focused on this word, relevancy. All too often we communicate with our customers via email or by the telephone or we simply say things that are in our repertoire, in our toolkit to communicate. Are you taking advantage of what’s most relevant to your customer? Are we talking to customers who don’t care about horsepower, about how much horsepower’s in the vehicle? What are the messages and the communications that you’re sending to customers? And once the influence that it’s having on them?

A lot of times in the marketing world, I’ll get communications from a dealership that have nothing to do with what I inquired about. If we’re doing a mystery shop and we’re interested in looking at the four door Corolla, I find myself two weeks later getting bulk emails about service specials. That wouldn’t be relevant. What we don’t know in our industry is how many people make decisions to not do business with us based on the communications that they’ve received, in the email or on the telephone or even in person, from the experience we’ve delivered. I want everybody to be working on relevancy. What are some of the things that you can do to tailor the experience and tailor the communications to your customers that’s most relevant to them?


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