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Tom Stuker is the renowned leader in the world of automotive sales and dealership management consultation. Known as the founder of the BDC concept, author of Guaranteed Sales Success, star of reality TV series Car Lot Rescue, host of CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, and owner of Stuker Training, Tom runs a world-class training and development program that trains automotive sales professionals how to sell more units a month. Tom believes that when equipped with the right tools, a few processes and some training, any salesperson can be transformed into a top performer.
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Preparing for a Managed Floor

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom goes over why you're probably not ready for a managed floor and what you...
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Now’s the Time to Think Managed Floor

In this week's Tom Stuker Show, Tom introduces his new series, "The Managed Floor," which will cover pros and cons, every objection, and benefits...
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Effective Delivery Prospecting

On today's Tom Stuker Show, Tom talks about one of his favorite and most effective prospecting techniques of all time, delivery prospecting.
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Phone Ups and Internet Leads

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom goes over phone ups and internet leads and why handling leads is a privilege,...

How to handle customers who are reluctant to give referrals

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom shares four scripts to help with handling referral reluctance.

Follow-Up Calls

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom goes over the 3-day follow-up call as well as pre/post-CSI scripts and pre/post-service scripts.

Four of Tom’s Favorite Scripts

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom goes over some of his favorite sales scripts so that you can be better...

Getting Customers from Keyboard to Showroom (Part 3)

  On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom invites Mark Gilbert, CEO of The Automotive Training Network, to discuss digital opportunities and...

Getting Customers from Keyboard to Showroom (Part 2)

In part two of his series on getting customers from the keyboard to the showroom, Tom Stuker talks about internet leads, online traffic management,...

How to Move the Customer from their Keyboard to your Showroom

On this week's episode of the Tom Stuker Show, Tom talks about internet leads, online traffic management, and effective BDCs with his new series,...

How to Be (and Stay) a Positive Leader

There are 2 primary emotions that inspire people to follow a leader: Fear and Love. Fear will usually yield immediate results, but the results...

Questions to Ask a New Agency Partner

Dealers receive dozens of calls a week from companies attempting to sell marketing services or technology to power their online strategy. Dealership managers should...

Will rising interest rates impact dealer profitability?

  If interest rates keep rising this year, what will be the impact on dealership profitability? In our monthly market update, we asked Erin Kerrigan,...

F&I Practices That Won’t Help Your Bottom Line

Transparency, customer-centric: they’re buzzwords that are so overused they are becoming cliché. In the retail automotive environment, there’s still plenty of room for transparency...
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F&I and Social Media – 4 Ways to Boost Profits & Increase CSI

The typical dealer spends thousands of dollars a month on advertising. The car deals, the service department coupons, the parts specials…you see them in...

Zeroing In On Your Customers’ Wants and Needs

  On this week's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis talks about how to discover your customers' true wants and needs by asking the right...

Don’t be like everyone else on the demo drive

The demo drive is where the customer falls in love with the vehicle. Don't be like everyone else. Let the customer decide where they...

The 7 Circles of Internet Sales Success – The Coaching Circle

On today's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley discusses how to increase your sales by using the 7 Circles of high profit, high volume...

How to Harness that “Fear Factor”

What's holding you back from getting to the next level or that promotion as an F&I Director? On this week's edition of F&I Today,...