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Dealertrack DMS’s Michael Panozzo on how to best empower your accounting...

While auto dealerships are constantly looking for new ways to become more profitable, they rarely focus on the potential—and all too often underutilized contributions...

President Biden commits to greenhouse gas reform by 2030

President Joe Biden is moving the United States closer to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by even more. During the two-day virtual meeting with many...
PPP loans

Temporary change in PPP loans provides funding to small businesses only

On Monday, President Biden’s administration announced a temporary change to the Paycheck Protection Program that restricts the size of the company applying for a...

How to sell change to upper management

Change is never easy, but businesses must evolve to stay relevant. Bob Iger, ex-CEO of Disney mentioned this in his autobiography; Ride of a Lifetime, “Now more than...

The coming importance of AI in automotive retail

Have world events changed the automotive funnel and purchase experience forever? Recent trends would indeed seem to point to a disruption in the process. At...
shift momentum

4 Ways to Shift Momentum in this Uncertain Environment

This morning as I watch the wave’s crash and rest upon the sandy shoreline, it occurred to me that the waves have momentum. Sometimes,...

5 Technology Trends that will Change Automotive

It is safe to say that the world of automotive is changing and its most rapid pace in history. With autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles,...

Are You Tired of the Same Results?

If the last century taught us anything, it is that change and growth are the keys to developing and maintaining success in everything that...

Why Change is Necessary If You Want to Improve

On this week's episode of Straight Talk, David Lewis of David Lewis and Associates talks about the necessity of change and how hard it...
360 converge

Consumers Are Ready for a Change… Are You?

On this week's episode of Kain & Co., David Kain invites Todd Smith, 360 Converge, to discuss earning back customer trust, getting rid of...