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CBT Automotive Newscast: August 4, 2020

Today's Featured Interview: Sandy Schwartz on Transitioning to his New Role at the Cox Family Office The Cox Enterprise recently announced a series of transitions. After...

How Auto Sales Fared in Q2 2020 Amid Pandemic

Virtually nobody doubted that the coronavirus pandemic would hit the auto industry hard and lead to supply chain delays, parts shortages, and a sharp...

Industry Update: Most Automakers are Back to Work

Now that the more devastating stages of the COVID-19 pandemic are (hopefully) behind us, state and local governments are allowing businesses to get back...

NA Automakers Well Positioned to Weather Recovery

In the financial recession in 2008-09, carmakers were on the brink. More than $80 billion USD was provided by the government to bail out...
Automotive Industry

Five Major Automotive Industry Developments in 2018

In regard to the automotive industry, 2018 has been a year of continued innovation and various technological advancements. The year has also been a...
June Auto Sales

June’s Cautious Optimism: Auto Sales are Up, But for How Long?

Click here, to see June Sales Totals for 2019 Talk about hitting it right on the nose. June’s overall auto sales came in at analyst’s...

Automakers Bracing for Potentially ‘Devastating’ Tariff Consequences

In addition to Daimler AG, other automobile makers have now spoken out against President Donald Trump’s proposed tariffs. A Bloomberg article published on July...
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Why the Auto Industry seems Intent on Keeping CAFE Standards

WASHINGTON – There are more developments in the ongoing saga surrounding the repeal of Obama-Era EPA rules as manufacturers start to chime in. What was...