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There’s more to future modern vehicle interiors than new displays. Let’s explore some projects that might reshape the future of your showroom floor.

Next-gen vehicle interiors: Innovations in cabin design, connectivity, and UX

Automakers are in a race to reinvent vehicle interiors for today’s high-tech, connected customers. While performance, safety, and efficiency are still important factors, more...
One thing’s for sure: open lines of communication are key. Dealerships and OEMs must work together to maximize the benefits of subscription services.

The changing tide: auto subscription services and the impact on dealerships

Picture this: you’ve just moved into your dream home, complete with a state-of-the-art kitchen. But you’re stunned to learn there’s an extra monthly fee...
When it comes to engaging with your customers, every interaction should be considered an opportunity to showcase your brand.

4 ways dealers and automakers can support customers and drive loyalty

In the past three years, nearly every industry has experienced a dramatic shift in consumer expectations. The auto industry is no exception, with services...
EV charging

Why alternative EV charging infrastructure could help solve U.S. adoption concerns

Even though electric vehicle (EV) adoption is growing, one issue remains a roadblock: the lack of enough EV chargers. According to a McKinsey report,...

Agency model ushers a new era: OEMs flirt with direct sales,...

As the wind of change sweeps through the automotive industry, OEMs have found themselves caught in a whirlwind romance with direct sales models. The...
image SEO

Is image SEO important for car dealers?

From 2016 to 2018, image searches grew by 60%, according to Google. Today, more consumers are centering their searches around photos, which is excellent...
game-changing automobile inventions of the past

10 inventions that changed the history of automobiles forever

Automakers are always working to adjust and improve technologies while also developing new ones to increase drivers’ comfort and convenience, but we often forget...
aftermarket service

4 ways car dealers can win against aftermarket service providers

According to the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Aftermarket Service Index Study, customers increasingly prefer aftermarket service providers to new-vehicle dealers. J.D. Power surveyed almost...
auto sales

Retail sales dipped in December despite small inflation improvements

Monthly U.S. retail sales dipped 1.1% in December, despite small but noticeable improvements to inflation and pricing. The end of 2022 was a stressful time...
Carvana Michigan license

Settlement between Carvana & Michigan leaves used car retailer without a...

Carvana claimed on Jan. 11 that it’s “back to business as usual." However, Michigan state regulators disagree, stating that the company’s Novi site is...