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dress for success

8 tips to help new car salespeople dress for success

Everyone has heard the phrase dress for success, but what does it mean? What kind of clothes should you wear for your job at...
online ads

5 ways to make your online ads stand out

In a recent Think with Google "At a Glance" article that may have popped into your inbox, they discussed five key strategies to better...
corporate social responsibility

6 car dealers committed to corporate social responsibility and community give...

Car dealers are widely known for their corporate social responsibility efforts, which can go a long way for car buyers looking for dealerships to...
process deviation

Process Deviation – Finding the kinks in your garden hose

The fundamental question:  How do we identify and fix bottlenecks in our recon process? Well, it starts with actually measuring the recon process.  Google...
automated vehicle inspections

Should your service department consider using automated vehicle inspections?

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, and with that comes changes in how dealerships operate. In particular, automated vehicle inspections are changing the game...

Can introverts make great car salespeople?

The idea of an outgoing individual willing to be bold, energetic, and almost a little pushy is what most consumers expect when interacting with...
EV adoption

What is the future of EV adoption? Bloomberg study shows optimistic...

What does the future hold for electric vehicles? BloombergNEF's Electric Vehicle Outlook 2022 paints an optimistic picture with its projection that electric vehicle sales...

Vendors you should have in place to support the service department

A service department can run like a well-oiled machine. Technicians diagnose concerns, order parts, install them, and send the customer on their way with...

A closer look at the proposed FTC regulations on the car...

In June, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released consumer protection provisions for car dealers and dealership marketing teams. The provisions specifically aim to eliminate...

CEO Mary Barra: General Motors BEVs will outsell Tesla by 2025

In an interview with the Associated Press, General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra laid out the automaker’s plans and expectations for the future....