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Reports say, GM will introduce a Corvette subbrand in 2025 with EV offerings

The new Corvette lineup will be positioned well above its rivals.

According to reports, General Motors will launch the Corvette subbrand in 2025. The new models will turn Chevrolet’s high-performance model into a family of vehicles. They’ll include a sporty 4-door, a high-performance SUV, and an electric coupe. It will ride on the same Ultium architecture as many of GM’s other upcoming EVs.

Reports from Car and Driver exclaim “Corvette is not just a brand, it’s a constantly evolving system paired with a significantly different user experience”. Even though Corvette is one of the most celebrated and valuable nameplates in the auto business, it currently contributes only a small portion of the potentially sizable profit.  

A Corvette brand profit strategy would enable the company to generate extra profits. As Porsche proved in the early 2000s, companies can make more profit by stretching the brand into other vehicle segments. So, it’s anticipated that Chevy would release an electric version of the sports car and at least one Corvette crossover vehicle

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Even though an SUV wearing the Corvette name may seem out of the ordinary, the new EV will offer an 800-volt electric system and high-revving electric motors.

The larger Corvette lineup would be “a small family of sporty or luxury EVs that follows a similar effort to extend the Mustage brand to the Mach-E electric crossover,” according to Sam Fiorani, vice president of global vehicle forecasting at AutoForcast Solutions.

Fiorani added that his prediction includes expanded Corvette models in the second half of the decade, “with the need to establish an aura around electric vehicles, it makes sense to split off Corvette as a standalone EV brand.” 

“The aim is not to beat Taycan and Cayenne at their own game but to create three American legends capable of breaking new ground by making the essence of Corvette scalable. To do so, that essence must at all times be in a state of progressive flux,” sources comment.

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