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E-Ray Corvette

General Motors unveils the E-Ray hybrid as the first “electrified” Corvette

Later this year, General Motors will start selling it's first-ever "electrified" Corvette for more than $104,000. The legendary car's all-wheel-drive system will be another...

2024 Chevy Corvette E-Ray has a ‘stealth’ driving mode

More information about the Chevy Corvette E-Ray, which is scheduled to be introduced next week, was disclosed in a video posted to Chevrolet's social...

Reports say, GM will introduce a Corvette subbrand in 2025 with...

According to reports, General Motors will launch the Corvette subbrand in 2025. The new models will turn Chevrolet's high-performance model into a family of...

Corvette is becoming it’s own brand by 2025

Chevrolet has announced that Corvette will become a standalone brand in 2025, complete with all-new performance-based electric vehicles.  In recent reports, instead of one electric...
electrified Corvette

Electrified Chevy Corvette coming next year, GM confirms

For months, the question has been asked: "How long will it be until Chevy makes the Corvette electric?" On Monday, GM President Mark Reuss...