Prioritized estimating in fixed-ops will streamline processes, increase revenue and build trust



John Fairchild, President of Fairchild Automotive Solutions details his technique of prioritized estimating in the fixed-ops sales process.There are 2 types of customers, ones that are at your drive to fix something that is broken and ones that are there for scheduled maintenance. John says that his process relies on 3 essential components; timing, quality and consistency. Service advisors must be sure a full multi-point inspection must preformed for each type of customer in a short time frame and each step is done with quality and process in mind. Then the advisor can take in other influencing factors, history and driving habits to build a prioritized plan to present to the customer. After this has been completed, advisors can then again prioritize the work to be done and offer options in terms of payments and timing.

Watch the full interview with John Fairchild for a better understanding of his process.