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Merging online car shopping and in-store experiences with enhanced data tools — Brad Title | Gubagoo

In today’s world of instant connectivity, the lines between physical dealerships and digital spaces, for leads and sales, are increasingly blurred. And for the last few years, dealers have been challenged with bridging online to offline gaps in the car buying experience. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Brad Title, president and CEO of Gubagoo, to discuss how the company is helping dealers create exceptional car buying experiences from start to finish.

Key takeaways: 

1. Title discusses Gubagoo’s role in bridging the gap between online and offline experiences in car buying. He highlights the company’s success in creating seamless transitions from online car shopping to in-store purchasing.

2. The conversation touches on Gubagoo’s development of digital tools, such as smart F&I menus and offer builders. These tools use behavioral data to customize and simplify the car buying process, illustrating Gubagoo’s focus on technological innovation to enhance customer experience.

3. Title emphasizes the importance of utilizing customer data effectively. He talks about the upcoming all-in-one CRM solution and the significance of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) in the automotive retail industry. This indicates a trend towards more sophisticated data management and personalized customer interactions.

4. Title provides insights into the evolving landscape of automotive retail. He mentions the shift towards electric vehicles, the next generation of CRM, and the impact of the deprecation of cookies on digital marketing. This reflects an industry in flux and the need for dealerships to adapt to these changes.

5. Title envisions Gubagoo playing a significant role in the future of automotive retail by offering comprehensive, integrated solutions that combine CRM, CDP, and other functionalities. This vision positions Gubagoo as a key player in the industry, providing tools that accommodate evolving dealer and consumer needs.

"Having a system that allows dealers to get their hands around first party data—they can control it and own it and control who accesses it—is all very important because it will be what powers all the backend systems for dealerships." — Brad Title

Don’t forget to stop by the Gubagoo booth #2941W at the upcoming 2024 Nada Show.

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Anna Delvillar
Anna Delvillar
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