Lamborghini unveils Lanzador electric vehicle during Monterey Car Week

Slated to enter production in 2028, the Lanzador electric vehicle will be the most powerful entry in Lamborghini's lineup

Lamborghini unveiled its first fully electric vehicle, the Lanzador, during the Monterey Car Week show on August 18.

The new model, advertised as a battery-powered “supercar,” is slated to enter production in 2028. In a release, Lamborghini said the Lanzador would feature “peak power of over one megawatt” or 1,341 horsepower, making it the company’s most powerful entry to date. For comparison, other luxury EVs, such as the Tesla Roadster, can achieve an output of 1.1 megawatts, while the current industry frontrunner, the still-unreleased Lotus Evija, boasts 1.5 megawatts of power. Despite showcasing the model live, the luxury automaker kept details like pricing to a minimum, although it did reveal the electric vehicle to be a 2-door coupe capable of seating four people, with all-wheel drive capabilities and a long-range battery.

Lamborghini has teased other fully electric models in the past through concept cars, such as the Terzo Millennio unveiled in 2017, and has also released hybrid models, such as the Revuelto. However, the Lanzador will be the brand’s first mass-produced entry into the 100% electric vehicle market. While still appearing futuristic, the model is also more practical than the brand’s typical concept designs and is reminiscent of traditional GT coupes. “With Lanzador we are looking into our future without forgetting our DNA,” stated company CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

Luxury automakers have seen relative success in the electric vehicle segment compared to mass-market brands. The Lanzador is likely to garner attention from the small pool of enthusiasts capable of affording a Lamborghini. However, with production expected to start in 2028, the model could be at risk of obsolescence even before it launches. Other high-class brands, such as BMW, Audi and Fisker, are already making headways with comparable models. The Lanzador may be forced to differentiate itself in a potentially saturated market when it finally becomes available to purchase.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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