Is your dealership using video messaging to drive car sales? Stephanie Singletary, Covideo

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed people to communicate through video engagements at higher rates both personally and professionally. Covideo is a video messaging company with strategies to take your communication and outreach to the next level. Today, we speak to Stephanie Singletary, senior account executive of Covideo, about the importance of communication in the midst of the pandemic, and how a robust video messaging tool can assist dealers in their communications with customers and prospects.

Covideo is a video messaging platform available via mobile app and desktop. It allows users to create personalized and organic video content quickly and easily. This content can be utilized for customers, prospects, or even their family and friends. This video can then be sent out in any format that the user desires, whether that be email, text message, CRM, or social media platforms.

The uptick in video messaging usage in the automotive space has been growing over the last five to six years, but there has been a huge, accelerated growth over the last eight to ten months. In this segment, Singletary and anchor Jim Fitzpatrick discuss the following:

  • How Covideo has become vital for companies throughout the pandemic
  • How the company is helping dealers communicate better during these challenging times
  • Whether or not companies have adopted video use, fully
  • Unique lessons learned from automotive clients
  • How they use video messaging to drive sales, service, retention, customer relations, and employee relations
  • The types of training or support Covideo provides for clients

For more great insight and advice from Stephanie Singletary, be sure to watch the full interview above.

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