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Hyundai debuts IONIQ 5 N, an EV that makes fake engine noises

Hyundai has unveiled the IONIQ 5 N, a performance-focused EV that the car manufacturer hopes will jump-start the new "N" lineup.

Hyundai has unveiled the IONIQ 5 N, a performance-focused electric vehicle that the car manufacturer hopes will jump-start the new “N” lineup.

The automaker showcased the new model at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 13, revealing new details about the car’s design. Compared to the standard IONIQ 5, the electric vehicle features a more powerful drivetrain, using two motors with a combined 600 horsepower output. Hyundai has integrated several unique elements to differentiate the car in terms of performance and experience. The EV comes with an eight-speed, driver-controlled gearbox influencing the motors’ torque, emulating the resistance and kickback of manual transmissions. Adding to the supposed realism is the N Active Sound + system, which the manufacturer says can mimic engine noises to provide audible feedback when shifting gears.

Hyundai has developed four driving modes for the car, each offering various advantages to power or range: Drag, Spring, Track and Endurance. Drag increases battery usage for a brief period, giving the car a quick energy boost. Sprint provides a similar increase in speed but for longer durations. Track moderates battery temperature to boost driving time, while Endurance achieves a comparable effect by lowering the maximum amount of power drawn from the battery. Each of these features relies on the IONIQ 5 N’s software suite, which also provides improved braking and drifting functionality.

Hyundai has yet to reveal the cost or range on the new electric vehicle. However, given its “muscle-car” adjacent aesthetic, prospective buyers should anticipate a higher price tag and better overall performance than the standard IONIQ 5. The automaker expects to launch the model sometime in 2024.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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