How to Successfully Engage Your Car Buying Customers Online


Now more than ever, the car buying journey is no longer confined to a showroom or dealership lot. Creating a more connected, personalized, and convenient online shopping experience, means more opportunities to attract new customers. Today, we catch up with Mark Vickery, Senior Director of Performance Management at VinSolutions, to discuss optimizing your dealership’s presence and making the best of the opportunities in front of you.

Dealers face many challenges, but the biggest challenge now is keeping up with the recent boom in vehicle demand, and staying aligned with consumers’ desires when it comes to the car buying experience.

Cox Automotive has been surveying shoppers and dealers nationwide weekly, since early March and the good news is, they are starting to see some positive trends emerge. Even though consumers remain somewhat cautious, they are showing less concern about COVID-19 and they are growing more comfortable visiting dealerships or making deals online.

To sell online successfully, dealers need to determine what path the customer is on and put in place processes to address customer’s specific needs rather than lumping them all in the same group. As consumers look for new online shopping experiences, they need to know what to expect when they connect with you. Technology choices can have a huge impact on this.

Watch our full interview above to hear more great insight from Mark Vickery.

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