How to integrate diversity into your HR practices and dealership culture

Welcome to the first episode of Diversity in Automotive brought to you by TrueCar and CarNow, a weekly CBT News series focused on bringing a unique perspective to the conversation around diversity and inclusion in automotive retail. Hosted by the celebrated trainer, speaker, and author Cory Mosley, this weekly series addresses dealership culture, diversity in customer service, and creating opportunities for all.

In today’s segment, Cory Mosley is joined by an esteemed panel of automotive retail professionals. This panel includes Renay Winston, president of People Management Solutions, Sandy Zannino, founder of Innovative Auto HR, Stephen Moore, founder of Culture Booster, and Kerri Wise, VP of communications at TrueCar.

The panel begins by discussing some of the things that most leaders and managers get wrong when it comes to diversity in staffing and culture. Next, the experts weigh in on how dealers can do a better job of having their dealership staff accurately represent the diverse customer base. The conversation then turns to dealership culture and how to foster an inclusive environment for employees and customers. Lastly, the panel looks at how to identify if a hire decision is motivated by familiarity, bias, ignorance, or bigotry.

Join us next Thursday for another episode of Diversity in Automotive. Cory Mosley sits down with more auto retail professionals to discuss diversity with customer communications. 

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