How to amplify the reach of your Google My Business listing for fixed-ops

In this episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch discusses the latest updates in Google paid advertising. He also tackles new updates to amplify the reach of your Google My Business listing for fixed-ops.

Recently Google announced to auto dealers that effective Oct. 19, 2020, they will no longer be able to use zip code targeting if their ads have to do with lease, payment, or financing offers. It also applies to any ads, where the landing page that the consumer is taken to, have any of the above offers.

This is a big change for dealers. Google implemented this policy change to protect consumers from targeted ads based on their socio-economic standing. However, dealers rely on zip code targeting to reach their local markets. The alternative to zip code targeting for dealers is to transition to radius targeting.

Often the Google My Business listings are not set up correctly for fixed-ops departments. One new feature that is proving helpful to dealers, is the products section. For example, Vera Cadillac has access to all GMC approved images and visual materials. These images are listed under products along with the services offered as well as a hyperlink to learn more. This hyperlink directs the consumer to the Vera Cadillac landing page for the service. Watch the full segment above for a step-by-step guide from Brian to set up this section in your Google My Business page.

Brian Pasch has over 20 years of marketing expertise in the public sector. He founded PCG Digital Marketing in 2005 to help retail automotive professionals with digital marketing strategies, and PCG Consulting in 2012 to offer comprehensive marketing services. He is also the best-selling author of several books including, the recently released Remote Retailing Blueprint.

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