How to foster outstanding customer retention at your dealership – Paul Burkemper | Vinsyt

Car dealers have learned now, more than ever, about the importance of customer retention within their dealerships. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re joined by Paul Burkemper, Co-Founder and CEO of Vinsyt, to walk us through the company’s retention solution for dealers.

Car dealers successfully create positive car buying experiences, but when a customer drives off the lot, the relationship between customer and dealer often ends. Vinsyt is designed to come in after the sale and create systems to maintain and nurture customer retention.

OEM apps can be great tools, but Vinsyt creates personalized web pages for each customer’s ownership journey instead of convincing them to download an app. Vinsyt wants to eliminate the friction. At the time of delivery, the customer receives an email or SMS message that includes and link to their personal Vinsyt. OEM apps focus on creating brand loyalty, but Vinsyt promotes dealership loyalty and customer retention. Everything they do is in an effort to drive customers, their family, and their friends to the dealership.

A customer’s Vinsyt page includes how-to videos, owner manuals, service scheduling capabilities, and valuation tools. The goal is to make Vinsyt a go-to resource for every car owner that is fully automated.

Vinsyt has been in the marketplace for a little over a year, and the company works with some major dealer groups. When customers open their Vinsyts, they are immediately asked to rate their customer experience. Vinsyt reports that over 40% of the customers using their platform leave reviews for the dealership. Those reviews are automatically shared on the dealership’s Facebook page to increase engagement.

80% of customers use their Vinsyt upon receiving their first email or SMS message. In fact, the average customer is coming back to their Vinsyt 15-20 times in the first 90 days alone. The lifecycle marketing content is driving customer retention, says Burkemper.

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