How to completely crush your sales goals this year – Matt Easton | Easton University

On the heels of an unpredictable, yet robust and profitable year for many, car dealers are starting to incorporate unique strategies to close more deals. Whether you’re a manager or salesperson, our next guest will share skillful ways to build better customer relationships and close more often.

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Matt Easton, sales trainer, consultant, and Founder of Easton University. Matt has gained popularity and quite a following on the social platform, TikTok as he shares his daily tips to becoming a top sales consultant.

Customers have access to more information than ever before right on their phones. They also have more choices than ever before. It’s crucial to really listen to your customer and be empathetic when helping them make a decision. Ask yourself, how do I communicate effectively? How does my team communicate effectively? The world has changed, and consumers are more demanding, says Easton. They want more authenticity and transparency from the companies they’re doing business with.

It’s about being skillful. Be skillful with the questions that you ask customers, and how you ask them. Be purposeful in your conversations with clients. If you have a limited inventory supply, putting pressure on customers to buy vehicles as soon as they become available is not an effective strategy. Explain to customers why there is an inventory shortage. Let them know that you are the perfect car dealer to help them source a vehicle if it is not readily available.

Customers have long memories and once inventory returns, they will remember if they were treated poorly by your store. They will eventually buy more products in the future and they might think twice about your store if they had a bad experience. they’re gonna be buying more products in the future, but they might not choose you if, if they remember how that on negative, that, that actual sale went. Close more deals with an empathetic and transparent approach.

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