Many car dealerships struggle with the consumer-facing content that they send out. Social media posts, blog content, and newsletters inevitably become saturated with new model release info or details about a new sale that’s time-sensitive. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with sending your email list promotions, but it will only resonate with a small portion of readers who are dissatisfied with their current car or ready for a new one.

The content that car dealerships distribute to consumers should be crafted through a marketing lens first and foremost. Here are some recent examples to pull inspiration from:

In a July 7 news release, Kelley Blue Book identified “service and repair tips” for car owners who intend to own their vehicles for an extended period. The release tells owners that staying on top of their servicing not only makes it more enjoyable to own but also counteracts some of the effects of depreciation. Kelley Blue Book offers ten tips to do so including getting the vehicle detailed, repairing dents and dings, and getting oil changes and tune-ups as scheduled.

On July 6, the AAA Newsroom predicted that the average gas price in the US will increase to $3.25 this month on the back of 7-year highs in crude oil prices. AAA spokesperson Jeanette McGee identified an increase in demand along with higher crude prices will cause prices at the pump to spike.

Two new models have been added to the 2022 lineup for Ram trucks – the Ram 1500 Laramie G/T and the Ram 1500 Rebel G/T. The intention for these models is to bolster the performance-oriented side that seems to pique interest among truck shoppers. They feature factory-installed performance exhaust, cold air intake, Performance pages infotainment-based vehicle data, and visual cues like G/T decals and a sporty hood.

Reader-friendly types of content

The three pieces of content referenced above, are examples of what dealers can include in a monthly or semi-monthly newsletter, bundled together. The vehicle models should be from your own brand, of course, but they are paired with information that provides ownership value for readers.

  • The AAA article regarding gas prices is general in nature and has the potential to engage anyone who drives a gas-powered car. It’s also a great opportunity for dealers to tie in a call to action (CTA) for drivers who want to look at more fuel-efficient vehicles.
  • The Kelley Blue Book piece is a great read for car owners who have recently purchased from you or are long-term owners who have no intention of changing up their car soon. The tips can help identify shortcomings in their own vehicle care that spur a call to the service department, so a CTA to book a service appointment can be casually included.
  • The Ram truck models added to the lineup are rather a niche. It isn’t likely these models will become the best-selling for Ram, however, putting them into a communication like a social media post or newsletter can spark some excitement for aficionados. It engrains brand loyalty and dealer loyalty simply with entertainment value.

Tips for creating regular content

Getting your customers – potential car buyers or service clients – to engage with your content is the goal. Simply sending something out isn’t enough. It has to have measurable success, and whoever you have cued up to do the task should have statistics about performance: impressions, clickthrough rates, and email open rates, for example.

For the content itself, here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep it fresh. It doesn’t help to post or email out content about a July news release in November. Ensure your content has fresh, relevant information.
  • Vary the styles. Try to appeal to people across multiple stages of ownership and places in the sales funnel.
  • Never miss an opportunity for a Call to Action. Entertaining content is fine, but you should always find a way to tie it back to the dealership, services you offer, or models available to purchase.

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