How to build trust and cultivate a strong relationship with your customer

The best thing you can do for yourself and your customers is to just get them to like you

On the latest episode of Straight Talk, host David Lewis, President of David Lewis & Associates, talks about building a relationship with your customers. He says this is the best way to develop the kind of loyalty that will bring them back to you anytime they or someone they know is in the market for a car. This takes time.

Rapport is defined as a harmonious relationship between two people free from disagreement or descent. Harmonious is define as soothing or comforting. Is buying a car soothing or comforting, Lewis asks. It may bring excitement to drive the new car home but the sales process is nothing is that of soothing or comforting.

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The definition of trust is believing in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. Lewis says the average customer will never trust a car salesman because of their general reputation in the marketplace. Car salespeople are usually just above members of Congress when it comes to public trust. Members of Congress are usually at the bottom of the list on the annual gala poll for honesty and ethics in professions.


Lewis says your main priority should be with customers, which is much easier to achieve than either rapport or trust. The best thing you can do for yourself and your customers is to just get them to like you. It’s easier than you think, says Lewis.It’s as simple as being unique and different from what most people expect what a car salesperson to be like. Present yourself in a professional and inspiring way during the initial meet and greet and in your entire sales presentation.

Always remember rule number 4 of the DLA four rules of sales. Always try to catch your customer pleasantly off guard. Lewis says it lets the customer know you respect them and appreciate that they came to your dealership in search of a vehicle. Devote your best efforts to listen to your customer closely. Do less ‘selling and telling’ and more ‘listening and learning’. If you follow your sales steps properly when you’re done with your presentation and demonstration, you should know if they’re going to buy the car or not.

Remember, you want to stand out as unique, different, and inspiring. Lewis says, get them to like you and the sale will be easier to close.

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