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How to be a better car salesperson in the new year

Gone are the days when aggressive selling methods were the norm; today, the retail automotive industry is transitioning towards a more consultative, client-centric approach. This change is fueled by innovative technologies, evolving customer preferences, and economic shifts. Success in car sales now demands a nuanced understanding of these changes and an ability to adapt. In this article, we offer insights into how the role of the car salesperson is being reimagined in the context of today’s market realities.

Today, many customers start their car-buying process online, gathering price and feature details. By the time they visit a dealership, they are well-informed and expect a knowledgeable and efficient buying process. Meaning, salespeople are now focusing more on validating the client’s research and ensuring a smooth purchasing process.

Changing Consumer Priorities

In modern showrooms, the focus is now on communication skills and technological know-how, aligning with the consumer trend toward personalized customer experiences. Salespeople are expected to have empathetic communication skills and use CRM systems to engage customers effectively. Dealerships are becoming more attuned to customer needs and using digital marketing tools to offer customized buying experiences. This culture shift reflects a greater sensitivity to customers’ preferences.

Recent studies, like this one from Epsilon, highlight the growing importance of personalized shopping experiences in the retail automotive industry. Customers now look for a comprehensive service that goes beyond just selecting a vehicle. They crave detailed pre-purchase information and post-purchase support.

Sharpening your skillset

  • Embracing social media channels like Instagram and Twitter has become essential, allowing car salespeople to showcase the latest car models and features to a broader audience. Virtual showrooms and online chats also serve as vital tools to connect with potential buyers.
  • Alongside digital savviness, a deep understanding of current industry trends is necessary. A car salesperson should possess in-depth knowledge about electric vehicles (EVs) as these cars creep into the market.
  • Developing emotional intelligence, particularly listening skills and empathy will also enable a car salesperson to better understand and meet customer needs and preferences.
  • Post-sale engagement plays a pivotal role in maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty as well. Regular follow-ups with customers after their purchase are crucial for fostering long-term relationships. This practice not only shows customers that their satisfaction is a priority but also opens opportunities for referral programs.
  • Attending sales training workshops and sessions can keep your sales techniques fresh and effective. These educational opportunities equip car salespeople with the tools and strategies needed to pave the way for long-term career growth.

The Rewarding Nature of a Career in Car Sales

A career in car sales can be highly rewarding, especially for those who can adapt to market changes. The commission-based nature of the job offers significant earning potential. Salespeople meet new guests and face unique challenges daily, making it an ideal career for those seeking an engaging work environment. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to develop a broad skill set, including sales techniques, digital marketing, customer relationship management, and product knowledge, valuable in the automotive sector and transferable to other industries.

The Multifaceted Role of a Car Salesperson

Today’s car salesperson does much more than just sell vehicles. A key part of their role is building strong relationships with customers through effective communication, understanding, and attentiveness to their needs. Maintaining these relationships is crucial for long-term customer loyalty and repeat business. For salespeople, staying adaptable, knowledgeable, and customer-focused is essential for success.

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Joseph Iyanu
Joseph Iyanu
Joseph is a contributing writer and reporter for CBT News. He has over five years of experience holding various different positions in both independent and franchised car dealerships. Joseph is a dedicated advocate for the automotive industry and offers readers a unique blend of insider knowledge and the latest industry trends. Join Joseph as he explores the ever-evolving world of auto dealerships, shedding light on best practices across all departments, from sales and finance to service and parts.

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