How the customer experience is different in a COVID-19 world

Let’s face it, the way we do business has changed dramatically. No longer are you meeting face-to-face with consumers and trying to convince them to purchase, or even test drive a vehicle. Contactless service has become the norm. But now the question has now become, what should great customer experience look like? How exactly do you continue to deliver great customer experience without meeting face-to-face?

We’re pleased to welcome Shep Hyken, customer experience expert and best-selling author, Scott McKain, business consultant and best-selling author, and we’re also joined by Joseph Michelli, who is also a customer experience expert and best-selling author.

In this segment, our panel tackles the following:

  1. How the customer experience is different in a COVID-19 world
  2. Business lessons learned from the pandemic
  3. With companies cutting back, often it comes at the expense of representatives, but it also comes at a time when companies are trying to hold on to a customer base. The experts give their advice on dealing with this.
  4. AI seems to be playing a larger role each month in customer experience. We find out what companies should be concerned with moving to a digital/AI environment. 
  5. The impact, consumers who are purchasing online and not meeting face to face, has on customer loyalty?

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