How Dealers Can Use Data-Driven Marketing While Still Protecting Consumer Privacy


Have you ever seen an advertisement online for a product right after having a conversation about it with someone? While this level of targeted marketing might seem invasive at first, today’s customer wants a highly personalized online experience. Here to…

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  1. This is all based on a deception needed to justify these odious practices. People do not want random corporate entities getting their hands on our data. You can frame it as a matter “personalized online experience,” which when surveyed people will say they like, but that’s transparently euphemism to disguise what this really is (and what is overwhelmingly unpopular): companies buying information about you without direct permission, explicitly going as far as the law will allow (as you see in this revealing, awful interview), to aggressively and intrusively sell you vehicles. This is the digitization of the used car salesmen trope. It’s disgusting. Amazing what people will choose to do with their lives to make a living.


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