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How ChatGPT is transforming the way dealers manage everyday tasks

How ChatGPT is transforming the way dealers manage everyday tasks

Most of us have become familiar with ChatGPT, the chatbot that has swept through the nation. Well, on today’s Inside Automotive, we’re going to discover how it might affect dealerships in the future. We’re joined by Adam Robinson, CEO and Co-Founder of Hireology, to discuss how ChatGPT is utilized in the hiring process. 

What is it?

Consider how Google organized all of its information in the search bar. After you enter a question, it presents you with pages of possible answers. Similarly to that, ChatGPT varies depending on the user. Robinson indicates, “Think of ChatGPT as an artificial intelligence (A.I.) engine trained on the information readily available on the internet.” You don’t get many links from AI in response to potential answers because It’s sophisticated enough to simplify the response and provide it to you in a form that can be applied immediately.  

On the hiring front, Robinson suggests, “AI’s will write job descriptions with the qualifications for auto technicians working on Audi vehicles.” They don’t need certifications but they do need to have at least three years of experience, be able to move around and have their own tools. “The usage of large language model technology will have an impact on every piece of technology used by dealers today,” he continues. The most popular and well-known method of doing it is ChatGPT. 

Therefore, what will dealers do with this technology, then, is the question. Robinson asserts, “This technology is as important as the internet was in 1996. We won’t completely comprehend the consequences of this before and after tech moment for at least a decade.” As the Internet was a source of competitive advantage for dealers 20 to 30 years ago. “Those who adapted it, great. But, those who said ‘no one is ever going to use it, were wrong,” believe Robinson. 

Future of the Industry

What happens 100% of the time, is that people always have to construct job descriptions and get them posted. Robinson asserts that “at Hireology, we have compiled a library of job descriptions, but we utilize the OpenAI ChatGPT to perform those job descriptions, interview guides, and pre-screening questions for us since it’s trained to do so in a matter of seconds.” However, the only legal pain dealers may have with ChatGPT is the AI will tell you who it thinks is best for the job out of the group. Robinson believes it shouldn’t do that. 

“It will change the way we interact with information in the world.” — Adam Robinson

“This technology, if implemented correctly, means your company and vendor won’t know if they’re using GPT, just that the process got better,” asserts Robinson. “AI should be used in dealerships for administrative tasks,” he continues. Any process that doesn’t require decision-making, such as selecting candidates for employment, should be automated.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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