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How Cassie Brown is paving the way for women in the automotive industry

In a field traditionally dominated by men, Cassie Brown has carved out a remarkable career in the automotive industry, demonstrating that hard work and mentorship can lead to extraordinary success. On today’s episode of Women Driving the Industry, we focus on Brown, a rising auto finance leader who began her career in retail automotive with a dealer group in Kansas in 2012. Fast-forward to today and Brown is the Senior Director of Sales for Ally Financial’s West Region. Just last year, she was honored with Ally’s top internal award. 

Key Takeaways

1. Cassie Brown’s career began in a serendipitous moment at IHOP. This led her to a dealership, where she started as a receptionist and quickly moved up the ranks. Additionally, this highlights how unexpected opportunities can lead to significant career advancements in the automotive industry.

2. Despite the male-dominated landscape of the automotive industry, Brown’s career was significantly shaped by the mentorship and support she received from her male counterparts. Which underscores the universal importance of mentorship in professional success, regardless of gender.

3. Moreover, Brown is the Senior Director of Sales for Ally Financial’s West Region, overseeing relationships with over 600 dealers and covering a wide range of Ally’s offerings. This illustrates her significant responsibilities and the breadth of services Ally Financial provides to dealerships.

4. While acknowledging the gender imbalance in the automotive industry, Brown sees it as a unique opportunity for women to advance and succeed. She highlights the potential for financial independence and substantial career growth for women who enter and thrive in this field, inspiring and informing readers about the opportunities available.

5. Nevertheless, Brown attributes her success to her strong work ethic and authenticity. She advises women to make their career intentions known, work hard, and remain true to themselves to achieve their goals in the automotive industry.

"If you work hard and have the right mentorship, the sky truly is the limit." – Cassie Brown

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